This structure is completely DSA approved

*Designed by Gerard Homer & Associates - Structural Engineers
Our Double Post Walkways are very popular in CA.
(We do not paint Galvanized Framing)
The structure is constructed using:
Columns - 6" x 6" Steel 
Unpainted Galvanized Beams - C13" x 12 ga.
Roofing - Painted Steel Corrugated Roofing . 26 ga. 
See our Color Chart 
Testing & Inspections required:
1. Concrete cylinders for concrete footings (2500 PSI)
(There is no welding, rebar cages or other special inspections required) 

For more information or a proposal, please email:
We currently have six different Steel Structures approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA)
(Lunch Shelters with Hip End now available)
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